Your event

We would be happy to organise your event for you. Whether a family celebration, corporate event, for informal business meals, or a casual dinner or lunch.

You can rent both sections of brenner for events or for groups as well as the entire restaurant for an exclusive event.

You find a detailed description of the restaurant in the following PDF, along with key data on equipment, capacity and possibilities.


We would be happy to serve you and your guests a select menu. You can choose between classic 3- or 4-course menus.

Sample menu:

Tris di antipasti
Brenner beef tartar with wild mushrooms, caponata Siciliana with home-pickled salmon on cucumber carpaccio
Risotto brasato with gently braised beef
Argentine Black Angus entrecôte or whole gilt-head from the grill with rosemary potatoes and mixed vegetables together with an aioli and tamarind dip
Valrhona tartlet with a raspberry sauce


Celebrate in an exclusive chalet atmosphere, right at Maximilianstraße, in the heart of Munich.

A fine selection of brenner classics and thoroughly curated champagne & wine in magnum bottles awaits you.

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